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Cash Pay Services

Irfan Lalani, MD, PA

Neurology & Pain Management Physician located in Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land Neurology and Pain offers cash price rates for office procedures and services. These rates apply to patients who choose not to use health insurance for their care or who are out of network.

These prices are inclusive of care provided in the office and during procedures performed under local anesthesia:

New patient consultation:  $250

Followup patient visit: $125

Nerve conduction/EMG 1 limb: $250

Nerve conduction/EMG 2 limb: $400

Nerve blocks for acute migraine headache: $150

Administration of Botox injections for migraine (not including cost of Botox) :  $250

Fluoroscopic guided Lumbar epidural steroid injection (transforaminal or interlaminar): $300

Fluoroscopic guided Cervical epidural steroid injection (interlaminar): $400

Fluoroscopic guided Cervical facet block: $500

Fluoroscopic guided Lumbar facet block: $450

Fluoroscopic guided Cervical facet Radiofrequency ablation: $1500

Fluoroscopic guided Lumbar facet Radiofrequency ablation : $1300

Fluoroscopic guided Genicular block : $350

Fluoroscopic guided Genicular Radiofrequency ablation : $800

Fluoroscopic guided spinal cord stimulator trial: $3500

Fluoroscopic guided thoracic or lumbar kyphoplasty 1 level: $6000

Fluoroscopic guided thoracic or lumbar kyphoplasty each additional level treated during same surgery: $3000