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Protecting your memory

The years after retirement are meant to be the “Golden years.” 


A time to enjoy a break from the 9 am. to 5 pm. routine. A time to spoil grandkids, play golf, join a book club, volunteer at church, and do everything we have put off in our working years.


To do all of this needs physical and mental well-being.


Dementia is the scariest thing for many people to worry about. The inability to make your own personal and financial decisions, the need for caregivers to help with simple daily activities, and the fear of needing to go to a nursing home.


We can change many things in our daily life to avoid developing dementia.


  1. A habit of regular physical activity- as simple as walking 30 minutes to an hour per day.
  2. Avoid processed food. You are better off without it if it comes in a can, box, or bag.
  3. A plant-based diet. Lots of green leafy vegetables with beans and lentils for protein.
  4. Volunteering: Being part of a group to help others is very good for your wellbeing.
  5. Mental exercise: crossword puzzles, sudoku, being part of a book club or bible study group.


The key to good mental and physical health is living life to the fullest, to help yourself, your family, and your community.


Wishing you the very best of good health and happiness!


Sugar Land Neurology,


Irfan Lalani, MD

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